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     I'm Kaitlyn from Channel 21 News joined by Smart Alec from The Collision's Alibi. And we're addressing an epidemic called 'woke' with a Breaking News statement:

     "A 'woke atheist' is an oxymorron. Woke is a religion of its own!" - Jwyan C. Johnson (Author of OverRuled)

     "Smart Alec, you've said you agree with this!"
     "Absolutely! And I'd actually like to expand on the author's point."
     "The floor is yours..."

Wake Up to Woke

Mankind is one map with one destination goal: to find happiness, right? Now imagine that map constantly changing its directions on you and then blaming you for not finding "Happiness!" First it's drugs, then its perscription pills, then it's meaningless sex, until this worldly map runs out of locations. Its final tactic: offering you it's theory that your lack of happiness depends on everyone else being "woke." Are people really this naive? And is the average man spiritually 'traveling in circles,' away from "The Way" only us Christians know the holy directions to?

The world doesn't own happiness; it owns oil!* There's only ONE way to achieve true happiness in an eternal way. We must download it from God inside our hearts. Joy is a fruit of The Holy Spirit (1 of 9)! Jesus is the ONLY way to break the bondage of 'going in circles.' The alternative: artificial forms of temporary happiness you must be unethical to get and keep getting: quick money, political power, fruitless competition, and this "new golden calf" instrument for blaming others for not being "woke." There's a difference between being woke and "waking up." There's a difference betweeen their "cancel" and our "rebuke." Ours is real from a real authority you don't have to log in for. So "join us Kaitlyn. We are NOT Chaos!"* Or am I canceled? (Galations 4:16)

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*It owns oil!
An even that has supernatural exclusitivity as child support to Ishmael (since he's still Abrahmam's son) (Genesis 16:12).

*We are NOT Chaos"
This playfully references the phrase "WE ARE CHAOS" in the book The Collision's Alibi

*Galations 4:16
Do I become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

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