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The specific dessert Janine wanted from another character, for helping out with a "memory check," was called (password):

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Story Symbolism - Sample
Q: I sense an extra invitation inside this cozy mystery. Was a newer philosophy delivered by the dialogue inside the story? And would you care to reveal story symbolism?
A: The story design of Remember to Forget accomplishes a dilemma where amnesia versus forgiveness, in the Olympics of childhood and child development. And the question becomes is it easier getting over it when the environment no longer owns you, because you have left it psychologically (amnesia)? Is there any advantage to remembering the bad times and staying in that unchanging place with no other choice? ("I don't have amnesia; I have flashbacks...") So the experiment (referred to by Janine as a psychological sports match) is actually setting the stage for the ever-popular argument: "nature vs nurture." But since these sisters are committed to working together, we get to experience all the advantages and all the disadvantages of both theories.

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