Should Churches Be Deemed Essential?

A Fun Proposal - From the Characters

     “I’m Kaitlyn with Channel 21 News and a Special Report. During this pandemic a fair question is spreading almost as fast: ‘should churches be deemed essential?’ Some not only insist but even perceive COVID as a spiritual test on their faithful ways! Others insist there’s a big difference between a church and a personal relationship with God? I’m joined by our town’s favorite kindergarten teacher. And her students has a fun proposal to overcome this whole issue?”
     “That’s right Kaitlyn,” Janine begins. “Let’s open churches back up BUT…”
     “ON ONE CONDITION,” the kindergartners say in harmony as the teacher finishes.
     “Christians are NOT allowed back inside until they’ve read the whole Bible.”
     “The entire Bible?”
     “And how would churches enforce this new rule?”
     “Let’s ask our ushers to perform Bible Trivia Seating. Suppose the seating section depends on which Question Level Christians choose from: Bible Lover, Scripture Reflex, or the VIP Section for Kingdom Seekers."
     “And this is if they qualify to be seated at all?”
     “Correct,” Janine replies. “To be clear, new visitors to our faith are always welcome with no testing! But long-time Christians are now required to prove more than their attendance. This new policy easily creates blessings both ways.”
     “Really,” Kaitlyn replies. “How?”
     “False prophets can’t manipulate Christians anymore! We could steal their sheep’s clothing to design our trivia questions and relate better to their lost sheep! This protects The Kingdom.”
     “I see.”
     “Also Christians will better rhyme their reflexes with scripture in real time! Biblical decisions block spiritual traffic and clear the pathway to perfect our faith in our individual journey much faster.”
     “So you really would deny entry to a Christians who… couldn’t recite The Lord’s Prayer?
     “Yes,” Janine shocks. “Of course they are choosing the Question Level for entry.”
     “Have you already ran the idea by our new Governor?”
     “Separation of church and state,” Janine smiles. “Instead I’m asking all the churches of the world directly to participate. Me and my class are asking all Christian homes to join in this new idea. It’s literally Higher Learning! A church is a book club for The Good Book.”

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