The Window's Puzzle - Book 5

Only a window knows if Robin Moore was robbin’ more! With no things stolen, and one gunshot in the dark, was this really dad’s burglary to steal child custody? And why is this little girl still missing? The seniority of suspicion attracts the legal fight in Miles Turner and The Jury Whisperer for another ‘street fight on a chessboard.’

With an unlikely helper, can Miles put puzzle pieces together to reveal a ‘window of opportunity?’ Are there family pieces in this puzzle that simply don’t fit together? And should this trial start with the ‘puzzle end piece?’
The Window’s Puzzle for a trial of priorities, a criminal past, redemption, The Joneses, and Another Man’s Treasure. Join the jury to see if a complete puzzle reveals reasonable doubt… and much more.”

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Spinoff Series: OverRuled

Cozy Legal Thrillers

It's a 'street fight on a chessboard' with courtroom war king Miles Turner and The Jury Whisperer. An unorthodox defense attorney seeks to manipulate manipulation itself as a tiger in the political jungle that 'lyin' teamwork has become.

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