Karma's Twist - Book 2

After DNA evidence is lost, a domino-effect of politics becomes a trial sure to set two defendants free on technicality. But defendant Barry Sych turns into a murder mystery one day before trial. And legal fingers are pointing at their very own prosecutor!

Conspiracy becomes its own trial, charging a top attorney and a crime-rhyming poet. A videotape with mysteriously missing audio causes a once celebrated prosecutor to experience her greatest defense attorney rival, now as their client.

Karma’s Twist is a courtroom handshake, between both sides, to defeat both political nightmares: innocence punished and justice not served. It’s another ‘street fight on a chessboard’ with courtroom war-king Miles Ahead, the Jury Whisperer, a top prosecutor, a Mirror with Hallucinations, and the Checkmate Queen. As trial is set for Conspiracy, is the law finally catching up to serial killer Karma? Or will its players find themselves too close to its target than anyone is ready to realize?

Price: $2.99