"I'm Kaitlyn from Channel 21 News joined by Silent Knight. He was the character hilariously tricked by Clue Queen Dedra in The Shotgun's Wedding Ha Ha... WAIT-A-MINUTE, don't go Mr. Knight. I apologize."

     Silent Knight shakes his head in disapproval as Kaitlyn ends her laughter and continues.

     "Anyway I wanted you here to repeat a quick-and-cozy point you just made. Mr. Knight please restate this. The floor is yours..."

Silent Knight's "Definition"

     To abbreviate the movie Scarface: an independent man, facing prison time, agreed to shady teamwork with others to avoid the slammer. But he soon clashed with their ethics, which ruined their mission, and.. they killed him.

     There's a lesson to learn: the main goal, of any tribe, is self-preservation. Life is a political jungle that will NEVER choose you over their ability to avoid consequence to their existence (especially in gangs or unethical groups). It didn't matter that their new teammate was correct. In the end, it was "say GOODBYE to my FORMER friend!"

     By definition, a "real man" is in constant ability to demonstrate independence and dominion at will. The fruit of a "real man" is a protected independence. Don't go backwards! Become and stay your own "real man."

*Silent Knight is the character in The Shotgun's Wedding, Karma's Collection, The Collision's Alibi, and The Windows Puzzle

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