"I'm Kaitlyn from Channel 21 News live at Mya Penny's trial. And we were just provided a copy of My Mental Girlfriend. This is the goodbye poem possibly by Imogene's online boyfriend, identified only as Romeo. During this recess, I'd like to recite it to you now:

My Mental Girlfriend

Away from the man-made rules of sanity
and into a world I can’t describe
I could see her when no one else could,
holding her with closed eyes
My tears were lighter when I was with her,
which was almost all the time
And through Reality was my rightful home
I felt more free inside her mind

And, like a dream, she’d come to me
and re-arrest my best attention
Her requests for company
were meek but never needed mention
All the while and since then
every smile, she’d be in
And so I dedicate this poem to my
“Mental Girlfriend.”

With her last name being “Nation”
and her first name being “Image,”
when I pronounce the 2 together,
I have to smile at the end.
She was a journey from afar,
an emotional vacation
She was my “Mental Girlfriend”: Imagination

Whether it was rain or it was shine
her open mind was filled with wonder
Days of thunder never succeeded
in persuading her away
Within weeks we agreed that
what we had would pay to stay
addicted to a life of fiction, needing it every day.

I lived the world that we conceived
based on the things that I believed
To dodge the pain and felt and seen…
I sacrificed reality.
I teased the scary times with a married mind
to a life that wasn’t real.
And while inside me, she did guide me
inside a state one can only feel...

With her last name being “Nation,”
and her first name being “Image,”
when I pronounce the 2 together
I can’t help my smile at the end.
There’s pain in everything I saw
But no need for alcohol!
Just her name I’d simply call: Imagination

So when I pray for those who stay
inside this world when I’m away
I pray they save the “attitude”
that many loose as they were kids.
I never shook off anything that helped me
tolerate the fate that life would give
And so I lived each day in decided happiness.

Imagination won the fight
Imagination was the flight
far away from a wrong world,
and into a feeling that felt so right.
Intoxicated ever since,
by her essence and her presence
My “Mental Girlfriend” to the end: Imagination

So with her first name written “Image”
And her maiden name as “Nation,”
who can’t say her name and reflex
with a smile at the end?
If you read inside my mind,
it explains those memorable times
when, to the world, my eyes were blind: Imagination
Image + Nation = Imagination

Written By: Jwyan Johnson

A special dedication to all who “know the way!” It’s God’s gift to us. Take care of my “girlfriend.” God Bless.

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